Kirby & Associates is an inventory and valuation service for personal property fire claims.  We have been helping policyholders in Northern and Central California since 1998 putting together their post-loss contents inventories.  Our client list is comprised of several insurance companies, independent adjusting firms, restoration companies, law firms and overwhelmed fire victims who are not receiving inventory help from their insurance carrier.

Kirby & Associates can help alleviate the stress and burden associated with compiling a detailed itemized listing of all your total loss personal property. Every claim is different. We work with our clients and strive for documenting their personal property claim with accuracy, satisfaction and sensitivity.

If you recently suffered from a house fire and are feeling overwhelmed, "don't know where to start" or just not physically and mentally up to the task, call us today for a free consultation at (925) 899-8601.  We can do a property inspection, explain the process and answer most of your questions regarding your personal property.